This is the page to learn a little about me and my collection. I have a growing collection of telephone and post boxes as well as one or two other interesting items relating to street furniture.

At the time of writing, April 2015, my collection stands at 2 x K6s, a K8, a Mercury unit, the May 2011 arrival of a Booth 7A (Oakham), 2 x G5R lamp letter boxes, a G6R lamp letter box, an EiiR wall box, a VR lamp letter box, an E7R pillar box, an EiiR Ludlow letter box, an E7R lamp letter box, 2 x EiiR lamp letter boxes, a Scottish crown lamp letter box, a replica Metropolitan police box, a bus stop sign (still to be displayed), a Stamp Vending Machine, a replica GR Ludlow letter box, 2 enamel signs, a Post Office 'Lozenge' sign, a POD sign and a City of London street name sign. The replica Ludlow has been built by myself, the aperture and enamel plate are genuine and the box they sit on are home built.


The first K6 arrived from a farm in Reigate in 1991. We were very lucky in that it had all 4 original "telephone" signs still intact. It had several coats of paint over the following years but in 2005 I decided to completely restore it. This took longer than expected and it wasn't finished until July 2006.

With the arrival of the K8 (see below), the modern design interior moved into the new box leaving the K6 without an interior. Some bargain hunting on eBay dug up an A&B machine with a bakelite phone. The advertising frames were again from eBay, these being modern replicas and the shelves are home built. The notices are modern replicas from Remember When UK and the back board came from Unicorn Kiosks.


The K8 was a November 2007 arrival from Unicorn Kiosks. A K8 restoration was a project I had always fancied having a go at so we went over and picked out our box and about a month later went and collected it. The project was supposed to be for Summer 2008 but I started it much earlier and it was completed on June 7th.

The interior for this box all came from Unicorn except the phone, which was found in the 90s at the side of a railway track. I already had 2 of the "telephone" signs from sources I can't remember and the second 2 came from Remember When UK and more eBay hunting. I kept a picture journal of the restoration project on Flickr and it can be viewed here

On April 13th 2015, the K8 had its first repaint since its arrrival.


The second K6, which arrived in 2010 is another addition from Unicorn Kiosks and is the next restoration project. I have made a start on this at the beginning of March 2011 and it will be ending 2012 in its red oxide primer undercoat. I will be keeping a restoration journal on Flickr,and you can view this here. If all goes to plan, this box will be completed summer 2013.

Like the first K6, this is also a Mk2 Carron Company box and has only one "telephone" sign, which is one of the replacement yellow and black versions used by British Telecom in the 1980s. I've managed to track down a POA payphone for this one from a top notch guy in Luton. It came with genuine advertising posters too which I will be copying for the interior as I want to preserve the originals. If all goes to plan, this box will be finished by Summer 2012.

As of April 13th 2015, the second K6 is still not completed. This has been due to many many factors in the day to day life. Hopefully, this will be rectified very very soon.


The Mercury was an August 2008 arrival from Unicorn Kiosks. The glass is all complete and in good condition and it features the later additions of "telephone" signs and barriers around the bottom. It has all advertising notices and the proper mercurycard telephone, from the notices I have been able to work out this box served its working life in London's Leicester Square. I haven't been able to find out the correct colour so I'm going to use the colour I found in the Dulux "Azure Blue" range which is the closest match I can find. It has been rubbed down for painting but needs doing again. Hopefully this box will be complete by the end of 2011.

For obvious reasons, the Mercury unit has been nicknamed "Freddie"


The Booth 7A (Oakham), arrived May 2011 from Unicorn Kiosks. This box has now been rubbed down and repainted, all that remains is to put the telephone logos back on the sides. I managed to get another POA phone for this from the same guy in Luton.


The Tardis is a home built replica of a Metropolitan Police Box. It took exactly 3 months for my Dad to build this in 2006. It is fully wired up and the lamp on the top pulses. Oh, before anyone asks, no it's not bigger on the inside! Since building this, Elsie the Dalek has joined the family as has K-9 and both are regularly out and about at events around the UK fund raising for various charities.

Sadly in 2014 the weather got the better of the TARDIS and it had to be demolished. We have plans to replace it, but its not a priority at the moment.


G5R Lamp Box
G6R Lamp Box
EiiR Wall Box
EiiR Lamp Box
Scottish Lamp Box
VR Lamp Box
EiiR Ludlow
E7R Pillar Box
E7R Lamp Box
First enamel sign
Stamp Vending Machine
Replica Ludlow
Second G5R Lamp Box
City of London street sign
Post Office 'lozenge' sign
Second enamel sign
2nd EiiR Lamp Box, to be restored
POD sign