This section of the site is to bring you the latest news regarding updates to the site and any other interesting telephone box related news that I feel is worthy of a mention on here.

April 27th 2013.

The Edenbridge K6 was saved after my campaign. Hopefully this week the restoration will be completed. Plans are afoot for a website for the box, covering the story of the box
and the campaign to save it and recording what happens to it in the future. Meanwhile, it made it into the local papers no less than 3 times, so far, and the articles are as follows.






September 16th 2012.

Help me! My local K6 is under threat of removal. I have contacted my local council about the situation and have also started a facebook group about it. It would be really appreciated if you could give it a like if you're a Facebooker. The page can be found here


September 2nd 2012.

Have I uncovered a gem? The island of Flotta in Orkney has a real survivor. We all know about the K8 on Rousay, but did anyone else know about this one? I'm really chuffed to see this one is surviving and took many many photos which will be appearing shortly on my Flickr photostream and it's been added to the K8 gallery on here.
Here are 2 HDR photos of it in all its glory :-)


February 19th 2012.

We've made it into print!
A lovely book about the history of Police boxes has been released and we are listed in the 'websites of interest'. Unfortunately though, they've got the address wrong!!! Still well worth picking up a copy of the book though!


February 5th 2012.

I have just discovered a brilliant website about the derelict village of Tyneham in Dorset, home to a fully restored K1 Mk236. It includes some really nice old pictures from when the village was still occupied pre 1943. Take a look here

Apart from the general site maintenance undertaken recently, some wonderful new pictures have been added to the gallery pages, including a couple of Oakhams, thanks goes to Mark Huddart for these photos.


December 24th 2011.

A little message for all of my friends and site visitors :-) -


August 20th 2011.

As promised in April, you can now follow @redphoneboxinfo on Twitter. Early days with it but there's lots to come on there. If you would like to start following, click the button on the home page or go


July 20th 2011.

On Thursday evening last week I drove into Hever village in Kent expecting to see their K6 had been removed as last time I saw it, it was in a shocking state. It had no 'Telephone' transoms and only a couple of windows left. It really was in a terrible way. I was therefore delighted to discover one of the best on street restorations i've ever seen :-)

I think everything on the site now works properly and the last little design adjustment is completed. The pictures at the top of each page were intended to be dividers between the page description and the photos. They were too big and confusing. I've now made them smaller and hopefully it now has the desired effect.


June 20th 2011.

Where possible, all pictures now link to that box on Google's Street View.
I am slightly dissappointed how many boxes are actually visible and some of them you really have to study the location to see the box, but they are there.The 'My Collection' page has been updated and features my latest acquisition.


June 6th 2011.

I've decided to take on a massive project to improve the site and make each picture, where possible, a link to that box on Google's Street View. I thought it would make an interesting feature for the site to be able to see the boxes in their locations. So far, I have completed the possible boxes on the history page only. In honour of people's privacy, the "Private Boxes" page will not inculde this feature.
The K2 photograph on the History page has been replaced with a better photograph taken on June 4th 2011.


May 29th 2011.

The K4, K8 and Oakham galleries have all had new pictures added. The links section has 3 new links and the latest addition has been added to the" My Collection" page.

More tidying up has been taking place around the site. The history page has been made more pleasing to the eye. There's still more work to do though. This will come with the next update


April 6th 2011.

Okay so I think all of the initial problems with the new design have been rectified. A lot of the links page didn't work but they should now all be up and running properly. There are more pictures to come soon and stay tuned for a twitter account soon to be activated.


April 2011

Brand new design for the site. I've worked really hard on this design to make it look as professional as I possibly can. Any comments, good or bad, are welcome. Any contributions are very welcome as part of the enjoyment of running this site is making contact with people and seeing everyone else's photos.