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Unicorn Kiosks - The place for all your telephone box needs.
Remember When UK - the other place for all your telephone box needs
Kiosk Korner - Ian's great telephone box site
Avoncroft Museum - home to the National Telephone Kiosk Collection
Flickr - My ever increasing collection of kiosk pictures on Flickr
Post Boxes.... & Telephone Boxes Too! - A nice picture collection
Red4Heritage - Matt's site with campaign info and forums
Freefoto - Pictures site with some nice kiosk pictures
BT Payphones - Online home of BT payphones
Telephones UK - Fantastic source for technical info
World Payphones - Kiosks around the world
The Tardis Library - with info on genuine police boxes
The Telephone File - More fantastic technical info
Images Of England - Pictures of the grade 2 listed telephone boxes across England
Fotosarch - Photosharing with some great kiosk pictures
Elettra - Kiosk info
The Phoney Box - Producers of replica kiosks
Simon's Interests - Great colletction of pictures of all types of kiosks plus post boxes and telephone exchanges too.

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