My Collection
At the time of writing, March 2011, my collection stands at 2 x K6s, a K8, a Mercury unit, a G5R lamp letter box, a G6R lamp letter box, an EiiR wall box, a VR lamp letter box, an E7R pillar box, an EiiR Ludlow letter box, an E7R lamp letter box, an EiiR lamp letter box, a Scottish crown lamp letter box, a replica Metropolitan police box and an enamel sign. There's another top secret telephone box related item arriving soon, more to come on that. Who knows where the madness will end???
The First K6

The first K6 arrived from a farm in Reigate in 1991. We were very lucky in that it had all 4 original "telephone" signs still intact. It had several coats of paint over the following years but in 2005 I decided to completely restore it. This took longer than expected and it wasn't finished until July 2006.

With the arrival of the K8 (see below), the modern design interior moved into the new box leaving the K6 without an interior. Some bargain hunting on eBay dug up an A&B machine with a bakelite phone. The advertising frames were again from eBay, these being modern replicas and the shelves are home built. The notices are modern replicas from Remember When UK and the back board came from Unicorn Kiosks.

The K8

The K8 was a November 2007 arrival from Unicorn Kiosks. A K8 restoration was a project I had always fancied having a go at so we went over and picked out our box and about a month later went and collected it. The project was supposed to be for Summer 2008 but I started it much earlier and it was completed on June 7th.

The interior for this box all came from Unicorn except the phone, which was found in the 90s at the side of a railway track. I already had 2 of the "telephone" signs from sources I can't remember and the second 2 came from Remember When UK and more eBay hunting. I kept a picture journal of the restoration project on Flickr and it can be viewed here

The Mercury Unit

The Mercury was an August 2008 arrivial from Unicorn Kiosks. The glass is all complete and in good condition and it features the later additions of "telephone" signs and barriers around the bottom. It has all advertising notices and the proper mercurycard telephone. I haven't been able to find out the correct colour so i'm going to use the colour I found in the Dulux "Azure Blue" range which is the closest match I can find. It needs a rub down before painting and I hope to get this work done in Spring 2009.

For obvious reasons, the Mercury unit has been nicknamed "Freddie"

The Second K6

The second K6, which arrived in 2010 is another addition from Unicorn Kiosks and is the next restoration project. So far the only progress has been to remove the plastic windows and a little of the paint from the back of the kiosk.

Like the first K6, this is also a Mk2 Carron Company box and has only one "telephone" sign, which is one of the replacement yellow and black versions used by British Telecom in the 1980s. I don't have an interior for this box yet, i'm holding out hope I can find a POA phone for it somewhere. I have a complete set of the yellow and black signs for it but am undecided yet whether to use them or get classic style signs. I'm also playing with the idea of having it in one of the heritage colour schemes, but will probably go with the red.

The other features
The George 5th lamp letter box
The George 6th lamp letter box
The EiiR wall box, in a brick pillar which I built myself
Dad's home built replica Metropolitan Police box
The Scottish crown lamp letter box
The VR lamp letter box
The EiiR lamp letter box
The E7R pillar box
The EiiR Ludlow letter box
The E7R lamp letter box
Collection pictures

The enamel sign that greets you to our garden.
The Mercury as seen from our neighbours garden.

The K6 arrives in 1991
Awaiting one of many coats of paint before the 2006 restoration

In 1991, the K6 awaits another Hiab to lift it into place
The jubilee interior fitted summer 2008

The K8 on the day we picked it out
Look familiar? The K8 arrives in the garden

Now in place, the K8 awaits restoration
June 2008 and the restoration is complete

Previously in the K6, the interior of the K8
Owen Weatherdon kindly cuts the ribbon the day we unveil the K8

Myself and Tony Inglis from Unicorn Kiosks do the unveiling
Owen, myself & Tony after all is revealed


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