Site & Other News

March 12th 2011

Okay so I started with the page that needs the most updating, the page about my boxes. As you will see, the collection has grown and is still growing.

I've also taken the items off of the items for sale page as I no longer know if they were for sale or not. If anyone has any items they'd like advertised on there, let me know.

February 2011

Hi everybody. How are you all??? Okay, so after a year of nonsense and useless servers, i've finally got the site back online. There are pictures aplenty to add to the site along with various other bits of news. It's not going to be a 5 minute thing to update the site so i'm intending to do a page a week until i've caught up. I've got a couple of ideas for new pages too, more to come on that. Anyway, it's nearly 2am and i'm working on my latest restoration project tomorrow, another K6 :-)

Lastly, my counter has gone so I will be adding a new one shortly, when it's online, make sure you visit 20 times a day to get the numbers up again :-)


September 2009

I have decided to use this page to inform of other interesting telephone box related news.

The new update has 9 new pictures in the K6 gallery, 5 boxes in the Foreign gallery, 1 picture in the K8 gallery, 1 new private box and a new addition to the links page.

The 20th Century Society recently announced that they have been successful in their attemps to get a K8 boxes listed with the box on one of the platforms of Worcester Shrub Hill station receiving the honour. They now hope to get the other remaining K8s listed too. For more info on the society go here and for the K8 press release go here. The Worcester box is on my list of boxes to visit.


April 2009

This new page is designed to guide you through the new updates to the site.

1 X K1 picture added, 1 X Irish box and 1 X Silence Cabinet added to the "Rare & Other gallery", 3 X K6 pictures added, 8 X K8 pictures added & 2 Police Box pictures added.

there is a new section, items for sale. If you're selling a kiosk or kiosk related item, send me a pic and a bit of info and i'll advertise them for you.